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Opportunities, skills, and experiences

Black Youth Write is a non-profit organisation that provides Black youth with opportunities, skills, and experiences that build their interest in writing, story telling, research and journalistic work through centering of Black youth perspectives.


To equip Black youth

To equip black youth as mainstream media influencers for a diverse and inclusive future.


To reach and involve Black girls

To reach and involve Black girls in different communities and schools to be a voice of leadership in mainstream media by writing from an underrepresented perspective of Black girls.


To empower Black girls with the abilities, skills, confidence and pride in embracing their heritage

The purpose of Black Youth Write is to empower Black girls with the abilities, skills, confidence and pride in embracing their heritage, cultural backgrounds, and ultimately their images in mainstream media and the real world. We do this by encouraging girls to write about empowering stories and creating inspiring artwork that speaks to who they are. We also involve girls in activities, skills learning, mentorship, research and journalistic activities like conducting interviews and doing film or book reviews, and events, with the intention of getting girls to think critically about media literacy, and creating positive literally and artistic works that will are published in Black Girl’s Magazine (BGM).

Black Youth Perspectives

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